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Our next meeting will be held on August 7th at the South County civic Center at 16700 Jog Rd. in Delray Beach, starting at 6PM. In order to make our membership easier for all, we’ve decided to, starting on Jan. 1st 2019 to have our dues year start on the first of every year. If you pay(ed) your dues from July 1, 2018 on, you will have your membership extended through December 31st of 2019. That’s a freebie of 5 months. So, send them in to JCRC, PO BOX 1073, BOCA RATON, FL 33429-1073 and have your membership extended through 2019.

Now, News of Upcoming Meeting of August 7th

One of our speakers will be Sue Trombino, founder of Women Impacting the Nation (WIN).

Sue Trombino was born in Caracas, Venezuela and has had a vast exposure to world culture from having been raised in Central and South America, Africa and Europe. This diverse upbringing gave her a unique perspective on America and fostered an appreciation for the Judeo-Christian values upon which America was founded.
Sue holds many things dear to her about the United States of America, one of which is the armed services which are a great source of pride for her and her family as her father, mother, and brother all served this country with honor. Her dreams, passions, love of America, and love for Israel are the driving force in all that she does.Sue founded Women Impacting the Nation (W.I.N.) in the fall of 2005 because she felt called to make a difference.
Our second speaker will be Col. Mike McAlister, one of our true heroes. He is running for the Republican nomination for Florida’s Agriculture Commissioner. He is a true friend and member of the JCRC. He has served in the United States Army reserves for over 30 years. A super patriot who has been speaking throughout Florida, he has supported President Trump from Day One on every issue from taxes, immigration, foreign policy and Israel. He announced his candidacy at one of our meetings and if elected to office we will have a good friend in Tallahassee.
We will also hear from Al Zucaro, running for Mayor of Boca Raton. He will give his vision of what he forsees as the future of the city. Although many of our group may not reside in BR, the problems of one city are surely the problems of most other down here in South Florida.


Alan Bergstein

Location: South County Civic Center, 16700 Jog Road, Delray Beach

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