The Statues and the Black Leaders. The Diamond and Silk Breakdown…



President Trump speech in Reno, Nevada. Aug 23, 2017. National Convention of the American Legion.





WATCH: President Trump’s rally in Phoenix






WATCH: President Trump Addresses The Nation 8/21/17 [FULL SPEECH]



We have been overwhelmed by the MSM about all the negative things President Trump has done this past week.

Bet you didn’t know about his successes on Veterans Affairs, Workforce Apprenticeships, VP Pence’s South & Central American Trip, IP Theft and his Infrastructure Initiative.

Check out his Week 30 Update to find out more


Ryan Mauro: Cut Off Funding to Mosques from State Sponsors of Extremism

Clarion Project’s national security analyst and Shillman Fellow, Prof. Ryan Mauro, explains how the war on radical Islam will not advance without cutting off foreign funding from state sponsors of the extremist ideology.



Sir Nicolas Winston’s Inspiring Story

In 1938 Sir Nicolas Winston ~ a British Christian ~ successfully brought/saved 669 Jewish Children from Czechoslovakia to Britain,

Please check out this inspiring video!






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