Our Mission

To promote the Judeo/Christian values that have contributed to the making of our exceptional country. To support President Trump and his plan to Make America Great Again.

Our Credo

The Judeo/Christian Republican Club stands out as a unique political entity by proudly identifying with a distinct philosophy, one that has produced the American system of government. It is the United States that is the pre-eminent representative of Western civilization, a civilization whose foundation rests on the Judeo/Christian ethos. That spirit embodies concepts such as religious freedom along with freedom of speech and peaceful assembly. It includes such noble tenets as the rule of law, of economic freedom, of equal opportunity, and much, much more. Those beliefs all point to the goal of maximum liberty, a creed that is pervasive in our nation’s founding documents and major institutions.

In his July, 2017 Warsaw speech, so inspirational in its words and so eloquent in its presentation, President Trump reminded not only his Polish audience, but the entire world, that we, the heirs of the Western tradition, are in a battle to preserve the cultural and spiritual solidarity of Western civilization. He promised America’s unyielding support for the conservation of those timeless values of the West that are derived from our Judeo/Christian heritage.

Therefore, we, the members of the Judeo/Christian Republican Club, pledge our devotion to that heritage, and in our little corner of America called Palm Beach County, we will strive to promote Republican candidates and policies that mirror our glorious inheritance.

The Judeo/Christian Republican Club is not the usual political club. We do profess the values as set forth in the platform of the Republican Party, which are to stand for the defense and security of our nation, the capitalist system, reduced taxation, and the support of Israel. In addition, we firmly support the Judeo/Christian principles upon which our nation was founded.

We welcome into our membership people of all faiths, nationalities, and beliefs who support our Constitution and the laws of our 50 states. We will not accept the mandates, statutes, or principles of any other nation, body, or religion that contravene or reject our nation’s rule of law. Our God-given freedoms are key to this nation’s survival, and our group will advocate for and support them.

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The Judeo/Christian Republican Club

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