The Judeo/Christian Republican Club (JCRC) is an organization of like-minded Americans who have a profound and abiding love of our country.

We are in awe of the story of its founding and the people who planted the seeds of liberty in the young nation, and we hold in honor those who gave their lives to preserve that precious gift.

We take seriously our obligation to pass on to future generations the lofty principles embedded in the nation’s great documents, and in the legacy bequeathed us by our predecessors.

We proudly acknowledge that most of us are the descendants of immigrants who came here longing for the opportunity to enjoy the privilege of citizenship in a land governed by a system of laws, and an ethos grounded in the Judeo/Christian belief system.

We are aware that all that we hold dear can be lost over time if we neglect our civic duty including that of electing leaders committed to those concepts.

We strongly believe in the old adage, “Elections have consequences”.

With that in mind, we pledge ourselves and the JCRC to work with all our talents and energies in Palm Beach County to elect Republicans who share the timeless values that made America the exceptional nation we all revere.

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The Judeo/Christian Republican Club

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