Article: Special Counsel Mueller’s Investigation of Trump/Russian Collusion Needs to be Shut Down Now!

Posted By on December 12, 2017

By Tom Mullings


Palm Beach County Republican Party Newsletter

December 11, 2017


Mounting revelations of rampant partisanship and wrongdoing have made it abundantly clear that the seven-month-old Robert Mueller investigation of Trump/ Russian collusion should be shut down immediately. These people are out to get the President any way they can and the corrupt liberal bias of Mueller and his never-Trumper crusaders has become more than a little obvious. Consider the following:

According to an email released by Judicial Watch, Mueller’s top “pit bull,” Andrew Weisman, gushed to former acting Attoney General Sally Yates that “I was so proud of you. And in awe. Thank you so much. All my deepest respect,” for refusing to defend President Trump’s travel-ban order back in January. This travel ban of targeted nations was obviously within the President’s constitutional perogatives, as approved by the U.S. Supreme Court in a 7–2 decision this week.

Mounting evidence reveals Mueller to be as much a disgrace and Democrat partisan hack as his buddy James Comey was. Mueller was appointed Special Counsel by Rod Rosenstein after AG Jeff Sessions recused himself in the Russian probe. This came after both Sessions and Rosenstein advised the President to fire FBI Director Comey over his inappropriate actions during the 2016 Hillary Clinton email investigations. By the way, Mueller and Comey have been very close for years and have been referred to as “brothers in arms.”

Mueller’s conflict of interest extends back years. During the Obama Administration he did nothing while the sale of 20 percent of America’s uranium deposits to Russia was approved by Hillary Clinton and others. Bill and Hillary made millions during this UraniumOne scandal that surrendered much of our country’s A-bomb making material to Russian control, and the FBI had “serious evidence of Russian bribery linked to the Ura-niumOne sale, as well as a confidential informant who was providing proof of the illicet deal,” but Mueller did nothing about it.

At least 9 of the 16 lawyers that Mueller appointed to his investigation donated to Demo-crats, but not one of the 16 donated to the Trump campaign or any of the other Republican candidates seeking the presidency!

Then there’s Peter Strzok, reportedly a member of Mueller’s team of so-called high-integrity, unbiased investigators who signed the document that started the entire Russian probe. This guy is a card-carrying Clinton supporter and never-Trumper who seems to have had a hand in everything. He oversaw the FBI interview with Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn. He was fired by Mueller last summer for sending “anti-Trump text messages” to his FBI-lawyer girlfriend, Lisa Page, who—surprise, surprise—was also on Mueller’s non-partisan team before leaving!! In addition, Strzok participated in the interview with Hillary Clinton during her email investigation, in which she was not put under oath and the interview was not recorded!! This guy was also present for interviews with top Clinton aides Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills, in which they claimed they didn’t know about her private server. Later emails showed that they were lying. So why were they spared the charge of lying to the FBI while Gen. Flynn was charged?
Strzok was also the man responsible for changing the language in James Comey’s extraordinary memo exhonerating Hillary, from “grossly negligent” to “extreme carelessness” which let her off the legal hook! As has been confirmed, the exhoneration was written before the investigation was concluded! So the fix was in!! Hillary and company were being shielded from prosecution and Peter Strzok’s role is now being reviewed by the Office of the Inspector General!!

“Strzok’s involvement” at the heart of this sorry tale of injustice “extends to the anti-Trump, fake-news, Russian propaganda dossier that used current and former Russian government sources to smear then-candidate Trump with salcious lies, influence the election, and mislead the American people with all this Trump/Russian fusion, collusion, delusion nonsense. That contrived dossier was “bought and paid for” by Hillary Clinton and the DNC, that former DNC Chair Donna Brazille has recently said she was running.
Last but not least, according to press reports, “Strzok is the key figure in the FISA surveillance of a Trump associate on the campaign!

Some high-minded, non-partisan, truth-seeking investigation that Mueller and his gang are running at our expense. So far it’s cost taxpayers a cool $7 million.
Meanwhile the merchants of fake news keep up their dishonest propaganda. “Trump’s Russia defense in disarray,” screamed the CNN website headline yesterday, when in fact it’s Mueller’s bogus investigation that is imploding. Early on, President Trump called this investigation a “witch-hunt.” Given what we are learning about the people running it, it’s impossible to characterize it any other way. Mueller and his gang should be put out of business ASAP and Sessions should un-recuse himself and appoint a new Special Prosecutor to investigate the investigators themselves, including high FBI officials, former Obama officials, Hillary Clinton, and her campaign team. This farcical “stealth coup” from the left has gone on long enough.


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