Article: Both sides hate America, Jews and Christians…beware!

Posted By on August 21, 2017

by Alan Bergstein

A warning to Americans of all political stripes and colors. Beware of siding with any of the sides in the riots centered in Charlottesville and sure to follow in other U.S. cities. This confrontation between two overtly Fascist factions is reminiscent of the battles between Germany and Russia during WWII. These two forces of evil were both anti-freedom, filled with hate against Jews and the West. Both regimes were responsible for the loss  of millions of lives of their own citizens who resisted their dictators, Hitler and Stalin.

Recall that just after this great conflict ended, the Russians occupied Poland, Romania, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, the Ukraine and Hungary encapsulating these Eastern European nations under tyrannical Communist rule for nearly fifty years. And right after the guns were silenced in 1945, did not the Russians turn their  hate and animus against us? Did they not threaten to turn our cities into infernos with their atomic weapons? The only difference between the Russians and the Nazis was that the Russians happened to be on our side. Both factions now brawling in the streets of this nation are basically Fascist, anti-freedom and America hating. Both deserve to be repudiated by all of us. But the media, just as they did during WWII, are swooning over the Leftist demagogues. That’s their way. Dangerous!
The KKK and White Supremacists are bad guys. The abhorrent, venomous Black Lives Matter and their cohorts of America Haters on the other side, all sponsored and paid by the Soros/Obama team have won over the hearts of the mainstream media by claiming they stand for equality, peace, justice and the downtrodden people of color. Nonsense.
They don’t support these people, rather they lead them by the nose to use them as cannon fodder and fuel for the current revolution. Unfortunately, those who would suffer most from a radical left, Islamofascist takeover, seem to be siding with their own enemies. Those of us who at this very moment are enjoying the freedoms that so many have died to preserve, are falling prey to the propaganda of those who would turn this nation into another Nazi Germany or Stalinist Russia.

The choice is yours and mine. I will fight them tooth and nail against it. It may be too controversial to say, “To the death,” but that’s what so many before us have done to give us what we have today. Let’s not lose these precious gifts. Wake up, speak up and act up. while you can.

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