Editorial: Justice Denied

Posted By on December 12, 2017



December 6, 2017

Submitted by Alan Bergstein

Published The Palm Beach County Republican Party Newsletter December 2017

By Alan Bergstein, December 6, 2017

Our judicial system was rear ended twice in the past couple of weeks by two mind boggling jury decisions that will surely endanger the future safety and security of all Americans. One case involved the trial of Abu Khattalah, the “on scene commander” of the terrorist attacks in Benghazi that killed four Americans. You recall that incident, the outcome of which was described by Hillary as, “What difference does it make?” A civilian jury in D.C. found Abu “not guilty” on the four murder counts but “guilty” of other minor charges relating to the attack. This guy should have been judged by a military tribunal in Guantanamo where he was being held since 2014 but President Obama and his buddy, Attorney General Eric Holder, made the decision to have him tried stateside by a civilian jury thereby affording this murderer the protection of our Constitution which he did not legally have. Their intent was to treat terrorists as ordinary criminals who rob 7-11’s. A gift to all terrorists. Had Donald Trump not won the ’16 election, Obama’s normal operating procedures that called for all terrorists captured on foreign soil to be read the Miranda statement, given legal counsel paid for with our taxes, tried under our constitutional laws giving their attorneys the right to subpoena secret military policies and have undercover agents testify in open court, thereby putting their lives at risk would have been continued. We hope that scenario is never repeated.

The second case had a San Francisco jury stunningly acquit an illegal alien of killing Kate Steinle two years ago. Actually, the jury was aided and abetted by that city’s lunatic “Sanctuary City Politics” which permitted Jose Inez Garcia Zarate to walk around freely although he was a repeated felon and was deported five times but kept bouncing back into our country with impunity. It was an open and shut case. The problem was that¬† the prosecution in this case was composed of civil servants, district attorneys in the employ of San Francisco who basically “threw the case” in order to remain in the good graces of the city officials who would have the power of promotion or stagnation over their careers. How could they possibly strive to convict this “undocumented hero” of the people of SF and get away with it? In a sense, Kate Steinle did not have a chance of getting justice in that courtroom. The lunatic Sanctuary City policies as practiced today, will result in the murder of our helpless citizens over and over again as long as the Progressives rule over them and offer illegals the right to commit crimes with impunity that make those neighborhoods unlivable.


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