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December 6, 2017

Submitted by Alan Bergstein

Published The Palm Beach County Republican Party Newsletter December 2017


Thanks to former President Barak Obama’s positive relationship with the terrorists ruling Iran and his bungling of the crisis generated by ISIS, the landscape of the Middle East has changed in Israel’s favor. This was not exactly what Obama had expected when he gave the green light to the Mullahs to build a nuclear bomb and to continue with their Koran inspired promises to demolish Israel with its first assembled weapon. Iran, in its typical untrustworthy fashion, then focused its nuclear backed hostility toward Egypt and Saudi Arabia as well. Nor did Obama’s obstinate refusal to destroy the ISIS threat sit well with the these Muslim countries who view this Islamist terrorist group as a menace to their rule.

Israel sits in a vulnerable geographical position and since its birth nearly 70 years ago, their Arab neighbors were viewed and actually acted as hostile. Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates have now (we hope) seen the light of reality. They seem to understand that they are in the same boat as Israel. They now view Iran as a common threat to their very existence. Arabia, is currently fighting Iranian forces and its surrogates in their southern border with Yemen. And Iran has placed the cross hairs on Mecca and Medina militarily. Forget about Sunni hatred against Shia and vice versa. Muslims have always fought against one another, no matter what sect they belonged to, for natural resources and most of all, for power. Loyalty is secondary to dominance.

Israel has for years been the unseen protector of Egypt, Jordan and Arabia. Its security forces have protected the leaders of these nations by exposing the threats to their lives and it’s been rumored that its clandestine IDF forces have even wiped out those who would have undermined those nations’ security. Israel is now involved working with Egypt to eliminate the  ISIS forces that have partial control of the Sinai. “The enemy of my enemy is now my friend,” is the slogan when it comes to the newly formed alliances against Iran and ISIS in this crazy region. It is hoped that these Arab Muslims finally come to the realization that Israel is the only trustworthy nation in this area of hatred and backstabbing. Perhaps they understand that the Jewish State can be helpful to them in  ways other than militarily in the future. Israeli encouragement and modern resources can uplift these third world nations to prosperity by assisting them to utilize the brainpower of their young through modern education so that they can compete in the world of commerce as modern, forward looking and democratic nations. Israel could be the guiding light to them. All they have to do to grow and survive is to face reality and give up their age old Koran inspired hatred of anything Jewish. Perhaps that miracle is in sight. And if so, thank you Barak Obama.

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