Article: Trump/Russian Fusion Collusion, Delusion, Conclusion

Posted By on November 19, 2017

By Tom Mullings
     Like many Republicans at present, I’m a little dazed about all this Trump/Russian Collusion business that we’ve been bombarded with for over a year by the Dems and their drive-by media. This is no laughing matter, so let’s get serious and try to make sense of these charges that most progressives and some never-Trumpers have insisted should be the basis of impeachment proceedings to remove the POTUS from the high office he stole during last year’s presidential election.
     To begin with, here’s what we thought we knew, compliments of the bumbling Dems and their media lapdogs who’ve been screaming it to the rooftops of the Republic and beyond for as far back as our numbed minds can remember:
     That Nazi-like POTUS of ours and his bigoted henchmen got together with the head Rooskie himself, Vlad the Impaler, behind closed Trump Tower doors in a colossal collusion cabal that illegally snatched last year’s presidential election away from Hillary Clinton. The degree of hatred and vitriol with which they pursued this story filled their supporters with such self-righteous anger that they are now calling for the impeachment of the POTUS in order to right the shamefully imbalanced scales of American justice.
     But alas, all these many months later, we’re beginning to learn that the Trump collosal Collusion cabal, didn’t quite occur the way the Dems and their media darlings have been telling us it did. They seem to have been accurate about one thing, however. There was definitely collusion going on in last year’s election alright, it just wasn’t Trump and company doing the colluding. It was the Obama Administration, Hillary, Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the DNC who’d hired the company Fusion GPS to manufacture this collusion delusion confusion.
     Man, this stuff has been so bewildering that many of us have for over a year been filled with not only confusion but much  illusion about all this collusion delusion by fusion.  But happily we seem to be slowly but surely arriving at a just and much needed conclusion. And who, you may ask has ridden to our rescue from all this confusion over the collusion, delusion, by fusion? Well, one of them has been none other than the former head of the DNC herself, Donna Brazille, who claims in her soon-to-be released book that actually it was Hillary and the DNC who were colluding to rig the election with Russian help and undermine the very democratic process itself. If that’s not proof enough for the most stalwart of doubting thomases, Sen. Elizabeth “Pocahontis” Warren agreed, echoing Brazille’s  Clinton/DNC “collusion” charge for the cameras, the only thing missing from her presentation being her head band, eagle feather and moccasins. I have it on good authority that one of the main victims in all this collusion confusion, Sen. Bernie Sanders, is chafing at the bit to weigh in on these latest developments, but has taken his beloved wife on a second honeymoon to Moscow in order to recapture some of the revolutionary spirit of their youth, and cannot be reached for comment for the foreseeable future.
     In closing, let’s see if we can bring some much-need relief to the recently-diagnosed collusion, conFUSION, delusion sydrome that so many of us are suffering from these days. First this from the Washington Times to help give us further context that might aid in our search for remedies. “Fourteen days before President Trump took the oath of office, the Obama administration’s intelligence chiefs made public a unanimous assessment claiming Russian operatives, under orders from President Putin had orchestrated an influence campaign to help Trump win the presidential contest. The CIA, FBI, and NSA challenged the legitimacy of a U.S. presidential victory. The conclusions in the Jan. 6 document were sharp, [but raised] questions about the basis for the evidence and motives of the Obama appointees [Brennan, Comey, Clapper, Michael Rogers] leading the nation’s intelligence and law enforcement agencies. But the document’s core conclusion looks increasingly weak in hindsight. Both Democrats and Republicans now say that Russian efforts were intended not to elect Mr. Trump but to sow chaos in American politics no matter who emerged as the victor.”
     So stay tuned, and no smiling please. This is serious stuff the Dems and their drive-bys have been trying to convince  us Americans of for months—so serious, in fact, they just might get a daytime soap out of it, so let me suggest a title. How about: As the Fusion Collusion Delusion Illusion World Turns?

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